Unterwasserrestaurant mit großer Glasscheibe und Stühlen im Vordergrund.

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In the south of Norway, close to a town called Lindesnes, and five meters below the surface the first underwater restaurant of Europe can be found. A huge window within the modern and minimalistic designed dining room allows visitors to observe the surrounding marine life such as the Chrystal jellyfish. With its unique architecture and its thick concrete walls, the half-sunken „Under“ was built to represent the coexistence and balance between land and sea. Visitors can experience an unknown ecosystem with all its impressions and expand their horizons.

„Under“ also operates as a location for marine science where marine biologists – with the help of cameras and other measurement tools – observe the ecosystem. Furthermore, the concrete walls can function as an artificial reef after a certain amount of time which allows kelp forests and limpets to grow.

Außenansicht eines Unterwasserrestaurants, bei dem ein Ende in die Luft und das andere Ende ins Wasser ragt.

© Under

A seasonal menu from locally sourced ingredients and locally caught fish and seafood is served for up to 40 guests at a time. 

If „Under“ can provide the desired mind-changing experience for guests has to be proven. The idea behind „Under“, however, is definitely a thoughtful approach to convey sustainability. It supports the significance of people gaining greater knowledge about their consumption behaviour, specifically the food they consume and how it impacts the environment.

More information concerning the restaurant can be found at Under and Snøhetta.

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