We are working on an English version of deepwave.org and have already begun translating most pages.
If you are fluent in both English and German in written form and want to support us, any help is gratefully appreciated.

“DEEPWAVE is dedicated to the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems
and the species they sustain, through the development of innovative
technologies, and conservation action based on scientific developments.”

The Hamburg based non-profit organisation DEEPWAVE e.V. has been dedicated
to the conservation of the oceans since 2003. It is our goal to develop and support
environmentally friendly structures for the marine ecosystem, as well as
inspiring people to help protect the ocean. Through the spreading of information
and raising public awareness, we want to encourage people into accepting their
responsibility and inspire taking action. We are a small organisation based on
voluntary work and finance ourselves solely through membership fees and
project-based donations. It is a further aim to support sustainable education and
to drive more people to become critical thinkers and act more environmentally
responsible. We must try to preserve our environment in order to allow our
children and grandchildren to witness the same marvels of nature.

Only if we
– Preserve the resources of our environment and
– Use the resources in a sustainable manner
Will we be able to maintain the heritage of our ocean for future generations.


The Board

Heye Groß
Chairman, BSc nanotechnologies, project developer at PTScientists
Barbara Focke
Vice chairman, founder of LaMar Travels
Ariane Tessloff
Treasurer, Information systems at Otto-Group
Christiane Stange
Anna Groß,
Committee member, CEO of DEEPWAVE e.V., artist under the name of Anna

Our Team

Dr. Franziska Bils
Scientific advisory council, biologist, BioConsult SH
Rebecca von Hellfeld
PhD student aquatic toxicology, University of Heidelberg
Amel Messaadi
BSc Biology, ETH Zürich
Julia Schaak
BSc social sciences, applied environmental sciences
Johanna Perschthaler

Further information can be sent to you upon request.