Photo gallery of the mangrove protection project MANGREEN

Since 2005, in cooperation with our Indian partner OMCAR, we have successfully anchored coastal protection in Tamil Nadu among the population. 

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Photo gallery of the exhibition “Sharks – the sheriffs of the seas

The Shark…

…has a reputation us as a killer, an underwater murder machine. He found his role in a pseudoreal scenario on the big screen as a mythical creature and monster. Here he was presented to us as the monster that was to become synonymous with an entire animal breed – the “Great White Shark”. Many primitive tribes – in contrast to us industrial nations – have never perceived him like this and lived with him. They have accepted him, arranged themselves, even worshipped him.

Today we know that he does not deserve the reputation of being a man-eater. On the contrary, we know his position in the animal kingdom, his function and role.

Sharks are cartilaginous fish, unlike the fish we know, they have neither a swim bladder nor bones … they are about 400 – 350 million years old. The most famous original shark, the Megalodon, was 16 metres long, and myths want us to believe that it still lives in the deep sea today. Some shark species give birth to their offspring alive, others lay eggs. There are vegetarians and meat lovers. About 500 different species are known: Large ones grow to be 12 metres long and small ones with a total length of only 25 centimetres.

…and we from the marine conservation organisation DEEPWAVE would like to introduce these animals to you by presenting a selection of these expressive photos. And show the situation in which the shark lives today.

About the photographer

Angelika Honsbeek from the Netherlands started her passion for diving at the age of 16 – now 25 years ago. Her main job is at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, where she spends her free time travelling and diving. This enthusiasm, which she documents on her website and with her photos, is dedicated to the underwater world – from the tiny seahorse in the Philippines to the whale shark in Patagonia.

Angelika Honsbeek was able to get her own picture of the sharks, for example when she was in the Bahamas. Sometimes there had already been “body contact”, but the organizer of the shark safari prepared all divers for the dives and reminded again and again not to lose eye contact with the animals. So she came very close to the predators and now shows us her fascination for these majestic giants. With her photos she has won international prizes.

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