Marine Policy

Ocean politics is happening on many different levels and also in various different resorts. The international stage offers a large array of instruments to take care of all aspects of the ocean. No less complex is the national division up competencies. Some of the current developments are listed below.


June 2016: The German sustainability-strategy

In September 2015 the 2030-Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with 17 goals and 169 subsections was adopted. Further, in March 2016 approximately 200 global indicators were compiled. NGOs have actively taken position. All states must implement the SDG, Germany too. Thus, the German government developed the German sustainability-strategy, including SDG14 “Protection of the oceans”.



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10 Point-action plan for ocean conservation BMZ:

  1. We will aid in the development of more marine protected areas and their sustainable use.
  2. We will support artisanal fisheries and aquaculture and through this help coastal communities have a sustainable source of income.
  3. We will support sustainable and socially responsible processing and marketing of fisheries.
  4. We will support our partner countries in the fight against illegal, unregistered and unregulated fisheries.
  5. We will develop strategic partnerships with economic sectors with a vested interest in the ocean and coastal ecosystems.
  6. We will help our partner countries in the reduction of ocean pollution through rubbish.
  7. We will develop strategies for the handling of possibly irreversible damage to the ecosystem.
  8. We will support measures for the adaptation of urban coastal regions to climate change.
  9. We will further develop local early warning systems for the effects of climate change.
  10. We will support innovative, cooperative concepts that do not halt at country of sector boarders


Marine Agenda for Sustainable Development by Germany

New Position Paper: Implementation of the Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in and by Germany

Following a participative and comprehensive process over several years, in September 2015 the United Nations (UN) adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs must now be implemented in and by Germany. It is our opinion that in order to do so, fundamentally different approaches must be taken in areas of political action. Germany must accept its responsibility for sustainable development and implement the 2030 Agenda in accordance with its five principles (people, planet, prosperity, peace, partnership). „Leave no one behind“ needs to be the central guiding principle of activities. (German NGO Forum on Environment and Development)

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Text: Onno Groß, 2016