Who we are

The ocean conservation organisation DEEPWAVE e.V.

was founded in the spring of 2003 by the marine biologist and deep sea researcher Onno Groß together with a small group of ocean enthusiasts in Hamburg. Since then the organisation has celebrated regional and international successes through raising awareness, campaigns and projects for the protection of the ocean and its inhabitants.

It is our aim to develop and support ecologically sustainable structures for the marine ecosystem, as well as animating people to take a stand for ocean conservation.

DEEPWAVE supports
• awareness for the threats the ocean is facing
• spreading od scientific findings
• political incentives for protecting the ocean
and provides a forum for exchanging information and ideas, as well as networking.

Through raising awareness and public engagement we aim to entice people to question the current state of things and to strive for change, thus playing our part in sustainable education. We are all responsible for conserving our environment in a way that they can support our children and grandchildren in the future. Only if we use the resources of our blue planet sustainable and create awareness for the global threats can we ensure that future generations can witness the same marvels of nature.

We consider ourselves visitors on this blue planet.
It is our mission to conserve this blue, the ocean.



We are a small NGO that is entirely financed through Membership fees and project related donations. This provides us with the freedom to stand for our ideas and goals independently.

You can find our statute here (german).
Further information can be sent to you upon request.