Our next campaign will deal with the devastating mining practices in the deep sea.

Through modern technology our hunger for certain metals and rare minerals has risen to new heights. The objects of our desire lie in the deep sea: cobalt crusts, massive sulphides and manganeses nodules.

The claims to theses are internationally agreed and divided up, even though the techniques for their mining are not developed by far well enough. And whether they will ever be still remains a mystery.

For decades scientists have been warning from causing irreversible damage to an ecosystem who’s inhabitants we aren’t familiar with and one of which we are only beginning to understand the vital role it is playing in the planet’s survival.

Above all, we do not even need to plunder the deep sea: we can invest into our recycling systems and work on improving conditions in the land mining of these minerals and metals.

Don’t touch our DEEP SEAS!

The main component of this campaign will be a graphic novel.
Under The Oceans > The Deep Sea you can already read about why saving the deep sea is such an important topic.