Where we come from

Our Events from over 15 years of history

June 2019

June 29th:

Benefit concert for DEEPWAVE e.V. with the quartet “Vektorfeld”.

19 June:

Project “Ocean Books

Presentation of our favourite books about the sea in the bookstore “Tolle Geschichten”. On the Instagram account of “Tolle Geschichten” as well as on our culture blog you can find the selection of books and our reviews.

June 15th:

Start of the Charity Rally “Baltic Sea Circle” – main sponsor of DEEPWAVE e.V.

June 7th:

Berlin, World Oceans Day 2019

To publicly discuss and explain the relationship between environment and development, the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and German maritime policy, Brot für die Welt, Fair Oceans and the Forum Environment and Development organised a conference on World Ocean Day.

6 June:

Hamburg: Meeting of associations

June 4th – 5th:

Participation in the Marine Environment Symposium of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) 2019

In cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), the BSH organised an opportunity for exchange on “Current Problems of the Marine Environment” as part of the Marine Environment Symposium.

4 June:

Berlin, No fish Sea

We criticise politicians’ failure to stop overfishing. Action of the German Environmental Aid (DUH), Our Fish and DEEPWAVE e.V. on the occasion of the World Day of the Seas at the Gates of the Federal Government illustrates the devastating effects of overfishing – Market criers denounce too high catches of cod, herring & Co.

May 2019

May 24th:

Hamburg, DEEPWAVE Film Festival for the Protection of the Seas

After a break of two years we organized the DEEPWAVE Filmfestival for the first time under our own direction. Short films on the topics “Deep Sea”, “Corals” and “Man & Sea” were shown. The short film festival was accompanied by subsequent panel discussions with scientists* and filmmakers*.

3 May:

We produce the film “Onno” with Claire Walka (director and editor) and Jenny Harbauer (intro).

April 2019

April 6th:

Research on the film “Onno”. A documentary film about Onno Groß, the founder of DEEPWAVE e.V.

April 3rd:

Selection of the films and creation of the programme for the DEEPWAVE Film Festival for the Protection of the Seas.

March 2019

March 28th:

Hamburg, Girls` & Boys` Day 2019

Several schoolgirls* visited our office and had the chance to immerse themselves in the everyday life of a marine conservation organisation during the Girls’ & Boys’ Day. They then wrote two blog entries for DEEPWAVE.

Beach trips with bad consequences

22 kilos of plastic in the stomach of a sperm whale

March 23rd:

Venice, Opening of the Ocean Space

A global centre for the promotion of ocean competence, research and the interplay of art and the sea. Ocean Space supports greater engagement and collective action in the most pressing threats facing the ocean today.

13 March:

Comparative table of alternatives to the plastic drinking straw

Development of a current comparison table of alternative materials (macaroni, straw, glass, bioplastics, paper, bamboo, stainless steel) and their advantages and disadvantages within the BLUE STRAW campaign.

7 March:

Cooperation with the organic hotel “Ifenblick” in Balderschwang.

1 March:

“Fridays for Future” – Greta Thunberg in Hamburg

DEEPWAVE was there and accompanied the climate strike movement “Fridays for Future” in their protest.

February 2019

February 4th:

The actor Frederik Götz becomes ambassador for DEEPWAVE.

January 2019

January 22nd:

The Herderschule in Rendsburg collected whole 5700 euro and donates half the money to DEEPWAVE e.V.

11 January:

Relaunch of the Website.

June 2018

June 28th:

Hamburg: Meeting of associations

June 19th:

The tax office’s examination has been completed and the new notice of exemption has been issued. The non-profit status is thus recognised.

June 6th: 

The name DEEPWAVE is protected again, the DPMA certificate is available.

July 2015

The public engagement for the ocean framework directive an the measures catalogue http://meeresschutz.info/ currently takes up all our focus

Meeting of the Hamburg Environmental Agency
Meeting of the Environment Minister of Niedersachsen

June 2015

Supporting the Baltic Sea Rally Start

May 2015

“Beneath the Waves” film festival Hamburg

BSH-ocean symposium

Concert MS Stubnitz

Talk Baltic Sea Info Centre Eckernförde on the occasion of the Meeresfibel exhibition

April 2015

CCAMLR Weddell Sea Workshop Federal Ministry, Berlin

G7 – Leopoldina symposium

Day of the Ocean at Hagenbeck, Hamburg

G7 – NGO Stakeholder forum Berlin

March 2015

Climate conference H. Grassel, Hamburg

Greenpeace evening: Cold water corals (German only)

Geomar Sustainable Ocean Conference, Kiel

Meeting Antarctic Ocean Alliance, Hamburg

February 2015

Talk Heldenmarkt Hamburg

Talk deep sea mining at the pacific network meeting, Bremerhaven



Publishing of the Ocean Primer.


Beginning of the Ocean Talks Series in IMM, Tim’s Fishfight. Long dive night.


Inauguration of the Palk Bay Centre in Tamil Nadu, India. Cape Rouge Day, and the legendary DEEPWAVE Fest!


Becoming Antarctic Ocean Alliance member, and the successful execution of the Marine Litter Watch Expedition (German only), here the log book (German only) and the photostream.


Becoming an Ocean2012 Alliance member.


The first Coastal Ocean Clean Up Day takes place in Hamburg! (and has been taking place every year in September ever since, under the International Coastal Ocean Clean Up Program.)


Creating the CANDIVE project. Together with biologist Christoph Schmitt we created the CanDive initiative: the free documentation and research of species diversity and ecology of the Canary Islands. The results have been published in three research-CDs. More about this can be found at www.ocean-la-gomera.com.


Campaign for shark conservation in the Shark Alliance



Creating the MANGREEN project, Mangrove Ecology and Restoration in India


Implementing the marine protected areas FFH/Natura2000, protecting the porpoise from gravel mining, etc.

2003 – Foundation of the organisation

2003 – Foundation of the organisation