Where we come from

In 2003, the deep sea biologist Onno Groß founded DEEPWAVE in Hamburg. 

Who we are

We see ourselves as guests on this blue planet. Our mission is to protect it’s blue, the oceans.

Where we are heading

“The ocean needs humans that flow like water and carry things over long distances.”

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For more than 15 years we have been active in national and international campaigns to protect the oceans. Our campaigns essentially consist of public relations, our own campaigns and events, as well as active participation in political processes, mostly in conjunction with other national and international environmental associations.

Three years ago, at the beginning of October 2016, Onno Groß was invited to Budapest to speak as part of the European Youth Debating Competitions about plastic in the oceans. It was a warm evening, he went for a walk after the conference… and never came back.

Not only his heartbeat stopped, but Deepwave’s as well.

We are a team of students, scientists, researchers, marine biologists, deep-sea specialists, computer scientists, graphic artists, filmmakers and artists. We work together with other NGOs, schools, universities, research institutes, friends, and you, the readers.

DEEPWAVE e.V., founded in 2003, concentrates its work on the conservation of the oceans. This is not only a great task, but also an urgent one, which is of course only possible in conjunction with many other partners with whom we often and gladly cooperate.

This website is currently undergoing a major rebuild. If you know the old site, you will know how extensive the structure and content was. We’ve made it our task to rework the old texts and to present them in a more interactive and vivid way.

Our next campaign will deal with the topic of depletion of the deep sea.

And just as the sea knows no borders, so should thinking and everything descriptive, which does not care about borders and pigeonholes and rubrics, make it easier for us humans to understand how we are connected to the seas and that we bear responsibility for them.