SAC Charity Rally for DEEPWAVE

Superlative Adventure Club

We are more than happy to announce that our long lasting work with the “Superlative Adventure Club” continues. Whether through the UK, all around Europe or along the Baltic Sea – the participating teams are all focussed on ocean conservation and protection.

New tours are open for applications now!

Baltic Sea Circle 2020 – Winter Edition
Temperatures as low as -30°C, record breaking amounts of snow that Norway hadn’t seen in over 60 years, shortcuts over frozen lakes.
This year’s Baltic Sea Circle 2019 – Winter Edition starts on February 23rd in Hamburg.
Rally Date: 22nd February – 8th March 2020

Knights of the Island 2020
Rocky cliffs, vast beaches, rugged mountains, impressive cathedrals, enormous castles, tiny towns and lively metropolitan cities.
Rallye Date: 9th – 18th May 2020

The Baltic Sea Circle 2020
7.500 km along the Baltic Sea in 16 days. No Satnav, no GPS, in a car that’s at least 20 years old. That’s the Baltic Sea Circle.
Rallye Date: 13th – 28th June 2020

Balkan Express 2020
13 days of unknown terrain. On dusty roads, past white beaches, over rough mountain ranges and through lonely wilderness – right through the heart of the former Eastern bloc. Experience the pulsating metropolises of South-East Europe and discover cities and villages where time seems to stand still.
Rallye Date: 20th August – 2nd September 2020

European 5000 Rallye 2020
From the sea level to more than 3000 meters above it. From -5°C to +35°C. From wearing a ski-overall to a bikini. The European rally encompasses snow covered mountain tops, sandy deserts and luscious turquoise lagoons on deserved roads through the old Europe.
Rallye Date: 5th – 18th September 2020

European Mountain Summit 2020
4 days adventure rallye with the most spectacular mountain stages across the Alps with the highest mountain passes in Europe.
Rallye Date: 5th – 8th September 2020

Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive 2020
The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive is the adventure rally of superlatives, wild and untamed, over 15,000 kilometres from Hamburg to Vladivostok. Climb six of the world’s highest mountains, cross four of the planet’s driest deserts, spread over eight time zones and over 20 countries.
Rallye Date: Juli – Sept. 2020


The focus of these events is the charity idea.
So: if you want to support DEEPWAVE at any of these events, contact us.

Or go directly to and support one of our events there.

DEEPWAVE works on saving the oceans and that is everyone’s business. Every little helps and 100% of the donations go towards the voluntary work we do. Thank you for your support!

We wish all the rally participants good luck and a successful trip!

 Start your fundraising campaign now!

Our huge thanks go to all the teams that have supported us so far or are collecting for us at this moment!de

Some of the teams that support us in 2019:

Nordfriesenmädchen Rallye Team
The Baltic Explorers
Borealis Happolati
The Baltic Crab
Reingauer Riesling Force
Kein Standard
Team Eisenberg
Dudes with Attitudes
Quattro Vänskap
Team Canada
Team MapleKlotz
UKRally2019 – Pirates of the Bodensee


Some of the teams that supported us in 2018:
BSC2018 – Team UTFG
BSC2018-Bavarian Bohème – Racing Team
Team LION KINGS @ SAC Charity Rally E.
NSCR 2018 // 6500km Ocean Charity Ride
Alb Vikings
BSC2017 – Driver
Lancia goes Balkan Charity Team lachender Roland
Team Sisters Of No Mercy
BSC 2018 – Vier Zylinder für ein Halleluja
Wir fahren fahren um die See und Spenden ist Ok
Team Vater und Sohn

Some of the teams that supported us in 2017:

BSC2017-Herrenzimmer(Ein Trip für den guten Zweck)
BSC 2017 – Team The Yellow Stripes
BSC 2017 – Ein Abenteuer für die gute Sache
BSC2017 – Cruisaders #2
BSC 2017 – Team Wittgenstein
BSC17 – Um die Ostsee für einen guten Zweck!
UKRally2017 No Limit Bulli – supporting Deepwave!
BSC2017-PS-Team – Deepwave Big Move
BSC2016 KIG-2.0 NR.137 Gordon&Peter
Team Serendipity on European Roadtrip 2017
BSC2017 – Team CCC – Neben der Spur ist unser Weg
BSC2017 – Die Saale-Diescher
UKRally2017 – Rheingauer Riesling Force
BSC2017 Dassower Waterkant Bängels
BSC2017 – Millers Racing Team 3
BSC2017 – Gunnerhaiser Buwe / Deepwave
UKRally2017 – Car Guy & Car Girl
BSC2017 – Goldjunge
BSC2017 – Team Börde Jungs #147
BSC2017 – – deepwave .e.V
BSC 2017 – Gebrüder Dampf
BSC2017 Bulli Lieselotte–ihr spendet,wir fahren!
BSC 2017- #105 Navigate by Mind
BSC2017 – Team of Thunder
Rund um die Ostsee – zum Schutz der Meere
BSC2017 – Team Alpujarra | Unsere Charity Rally
Wir fahren – du spendest // ajw // Die Arche
BSC2017 – From Russia with Love
BSC 2017 – “Old Men In Old Cars”