Interessanterweise gibt es ein breites Spektrum an Meinungen in den japanischen Medien, ob die Waljagd fortgesetzt werden soll. Ein wesentliches Argument ist, dass es offensichtlich keinen Bedarf / keinen Markt für Walfleisch in Japan gibt.

The liberal Mainichi Shimbun proposed Japan make „a drastic review (in its policy), including the possibility of freezing research whaling.“

„Many Japanese people support continuation of research whaling as they are displeased with the idea of ending it due to ‚foreign pressure‘,“ the Mainichi said.

„But people are not consuming whale meat much, undermining the significance of continuing research whaling. A change in the Japanese eating habit poses a tougher problem to research whaling than Sea Shepherd,“ it said.

The conservative Yomiuri Shimbun said: „What causes worry is the possibility that the halt of the mission (this season) may give anti-whaling groups the impression that ‚Japan succumbs to obstructions'“.

Japan „needs to make a fresh appeal to the international community about the legitimacy of research whaling,“ it said in an editorial.

But Yomiuri said Japan may as well consider scaling back whaling in the Antarctic ocean.

The chairman of the International Whaling Commission at a convention last year proposed slashing Antarctic whale culls by Japan in return for resumption of commercial whaling in Japanese coastal waters.

„Considering low demand for whale meat, Japan’s whaling policy should be reviewed in line with the IWC proposal,“ the Yomiuri said.

Quelle und mehr: „Japanese media divided on ending whaling“ in asiaone news, 19.02.2011