Pledge 1: Refuse plastic drinking straws.

„Even by making a small change in your everyday life, you can achieve big results in helping to protect the ocean. The Sea Change campaign provides tips and useful resources on what you can do to make a difference. This campaign is based on the latest scientific evidence with input from scientists and educators from a range of disciplines.“

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Take one deep breath! In . . . and out . . . and stop for a moment to consider something that most people don’t know; much of Earth’s oxygen has been generated by microscopic plants in the world’s ocean.

The ocean makes life on Earth possible. It provides us with oxygen, it regulates our climate and produces over 140 million tons of food each year. So, if we don’t take care of the ocean, we endanger our own survival. This vital lifeline on which we all depend is in trouble. Over the years, human activity and our way of life is changing the way the ocean functions.

The good news is that, even by making a small change in what we do every day, together we can achieve big results to help to protect the ocean. Find out how at

The “Our Ocean Our Oxygen” video was developed by AquaTT in collaboration with the Sea Change Partnership and was produced by JustMultimedia.