Stakeholder Dialogue on «FishEthoBase»

After having recieved a lot of feedbacks from persons being in their summer leave until mid August, we decided to prolong the dialogue period until 31 August.
Feedback to the FishEthoBase of course will be always welcome, also after the deadline. However we invite you to give us your input before end of August because in September we would like to analyze the results of this first stakeholder round and decide on corrective actions. We will keep you posted on this process.

Please have a look at

and give attention to the fact that each species profile consists of 3 parts: the summary (the page displayed first), the findings and the recommendations.

Please do not hesitate to tell us right away what you think of FishEthoBase. You can do so of course by simply replying to this e-mail. But to give us a more precise feedback, we kindly invite you to first register and thus be able to comment to the particular paragraphs you would like us to change or to improve.

When registering, please take a minute or two to give us an idea about your background and your expertise with species or in topics. This will help us to improve our expert database for networking on specific problems and issues.

If any problem or question occurs, please feel free to contact us directly.

On behalf of our research group, we thank you for taking interest in our initiative to help organise the scientific base for fish welfare.

Kind regards

Billo Heinzpeter Studer               Dr. Jenny Volstorf
President, Project Director          Scientific Coordinator international association ><(((°>
– respecting fish, nature and fisher(wo)men
– respectant le poisson, la nature, le pêcheur et sa femme
– Rücksicht auf Fische, Natur und Fischer/frauen
– Nel rispetto di pesci, natura, pescatori e pescatrici

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