Op-Ed: SeaWorld’s worst nightmare as former trainers launch website

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SeaWorld shakes off the critics who lambast the organization’s role in the captive mammal entertainment industry, by mostly ignoring them. A newly-launched website created by former SeaWorld marine mammal trainers may not be so easy to disregard.

Carol Ray MA, CCC-SLP, John Jett PhD, Samantha Berg M.Ac, Dipl.Ac and Jeffrey Ventre MD, have one thing in common. Each was once a trainer for SeaWorld. A change of heart and the mutual desire to provide a voice for those without one, has united them in a new venture ? Voice of the Orcas.
With a newly-launched website, the quartet has vowed to highlight and archive interviews and events that deal with issues of „conservation and activism“ toward whales and dolphins kept in entertainment parks. As observers of captivity firsthand, their unique perspective and insight, could fast become SeaWorld’s, worst nightmare. ….

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/318549#ixzz1lA5zSkxl