Protestaktion gegen die von der IWC bei der letzten Tagung leider erlaubte Jagd von 9 Buckelwalen in Grönland. Siehe dazu den Beitrag bei WDCS Deutschland.

Dear Friend

Please protest and help us stop Greenland’s humpback hunt.

Greenland’s whalers could begin to kill humpback whales at any moment – please help us stop them.

In June the IWC agreed to allow Greenland to kill nine humpback whales a year and according to IWC rules, the hunt would start in mid-October. But WDCS has learnt that Greenland’s government has given in to the whalers and will allow them to start much sooner, before the whales leave Greenland’s shores to migrate to the warm waters of the Caribbean to breed.

Please will you write to Greenland’s Prime Minister to protest? Our e-protest will only take you a few seconds.

A lottery system was used to decide which whalers could go out and kill these charismatic and intelligent animals – treating their lives like prizes in a raffle.

The two whaling boats that won this bloody prize-draw plan to set sail any day. If they kill any humpbacks before October 13th they will violate the IWC’s rules, but their government is asking other countries for ‘understanding’.

We don’t want them to kill these animals at all; we don’t believe that Greenland has demonstrated a genuine subsistence need to do so and we are horrified that now they plan to flaunt the agreement and go out hunting early.

WDCS recently went undercover in Greenland and found that so-called subsistence whalers are hunting ‘to order’ for a commercial processing company and selling whale meat to up market restaurants and tourist hotels. It’s heartbreaking that these whales, who are worth far more alive to Greenland’s growing tourism industry, may instead soon be found vacuum-sealed and frozen on supermarket shelves.

Please will you write to Greenland’s Prime Minister to protest?.

If you are on Facebook, you can post a polite message to the Greenland prime minister’s wall. Just click on this link to go to his page, then ‘Like’ him (this will enable you to post). Then post the following, or words to this effect:

Even though the International Whaling Commission has decided to allow Greenland to hunt humpback whales, we urge you not to permit the hunt to start. These amazing animals are vital to Greenland’s growing whale watching industry and its economy as a whole, and are worth far more alive than dead. Please do not permit the hunt to start.

Thank you.

Sue Fisher
WDCS anti-whaling campaign manager