Petition gegen Delfinzirkus in Prag
Kein Delfinzirkus in Prag!

WDC ist sehr beunruhigt über die Ankündigung einer Delfin-Zirkusshow in Prag, Tschechien, im April 2013. Solche Shows finden unter absolut inakzeptablen Bedingungen für die Delfine statt und der Transport stellt eine extreme Stresssituation für die Meeressäuger dar.

Die in der Show auftretenden Delfine sollen aus der Ukraine nach Tschechien transportiert werden. Die Delfinarienindustrie in der Ukraine boomt und hat durch die besonders schlechten Haltungsbedingungen traurigen Ruhm erlangt. Die in der Ukraine in Gefangenschaft gehaltenen Tiere stammen u.a. aus Treibjagden in Japan.

Die Tschechische Republik ist derzeit noch einer von 12 EU-Mitgliedsstaaten, die keine Delfine in Gefangenschaft halten. Es gibt keine Aufzeichnungen darüber, dass dort jemals ein Delfinarium existiert hat und die WDC unterstützt eine Petition, damit dies auch so bleibt.

Please help us stop the dolphin circus in Prague

Target: Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic, Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic and the City Hall of Prague
Sponsored by: Jana Hajduchova

We, signatories of this petition, protest against holding a mobile dolphin show, called “Delfini v Praze”, organized by Ceskoslovenske cirkusya variete in Prague, Czech Republic, from 24 April to 19 May 2013.We call upon the responsible authorities, namely the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, the City Hall of Prague and others, to immediately use their legal powers to stop the proposed dolphin show and any plans to import dolphins into the Czech Republic.

Any such import of dolphins into the EU for commercial purposes would contravene EU wildlife trade laws and protective mechanisms such as the Bern Convention on theprotection of European wildlife.

The dolphins will be transported from Ukraine. Ukraine has a rapidly growing dolphinarium industry and is a particular cause for concern due to the poor conditions the animals are held in, captures from the wild and imports from overseas, including dolphins captured in Japan’s infamous drive hunts.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, sensitive beings. Wild captures of dolphins to supply the dolphinarium industry cause much suffering and distress, separate family groups and subject those captured to long distance transportation by truck or plane. The mortality rate of newly captured dolphins is extremely high.Once in captivity, dolphins can no longer express natural behaviour and instead they are trained to perform in circus style shows or interaction programmes such as swimming with dolphins. Stress related disease and premature deathare common among captive dolphins.

In Prague, the dolphins will be held in a mobile facility or circus, which never can offer the animals adequate conditions for their health and wellbeing. In addition to shows, there are plans to offer dolphin assisted therapy. There are many concerns about this practice, including the risk of injury for both dolphins and people and the fact that there are no proven long-term benefits for those undertaking the therapy. Furthermore, the reported seven minutes of “therapeutic swimming” to be offered suggests that it is simply an additional form of exploitation not only of the animals but also of those seeking therapy, for additional profit.

The Czech Republic is a “dolphin friendly” country with no dolphins currently held in captivity. It should keep this excellent reputation forever and deny the proposed mobile dolphin show.

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