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Dear colleagues,

This message is for your information. Our laboratory is coordinating an international project with different institutions to monitor noise and its effects on the marine environment. One of these institutions is the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Tecnology (JAMSTEC) who is responsible of detecting and analysing geohazards in Japan.

Through this collaboration, we are constantly monitoring underwater noise off Japan and could detect and record the 11 March earthquake. If you are interested, you can access this recording and live monitor the sound of the afterschocks at listentothedeep.com , in the „Listen on site“ section.

This data constitute a unique opportunity to understand the acoustic relationship between natural underwater events and the behaviour of cetaceans.


e.g., Example:
HATSUSHIMA : Earthquake recorded at Hatsushima observatory 1 on March 11 around 05:47 (UTC). To hear the low frequency sounds the recording has been sped up 16 times.
(37.321072,15.362497) Segment time length:21882