O5 January 2012

Ninjas‘ shadowing anti-whaling ships according to captain


06 January 2012

Whalers claim Sea Shepherd attack


(with photos of the vessel Brigitte Bardot in Fremantle)

07 January 2012

„The Steve Irwin was successful in executing a quick 24 hour turn around from port in order to leave and get back out to continue the southern ocean campaign Operation Divine Wind. Soon after departe the Steve encountered a hindrance when they realized there was a problem with their engine. The first sign of trouble occurred last night and to try to repair the issue the Steve dropped anchor and conducted some repairs hoping that the problem would be resolved. Unfortunately at 1600 hours today, it became obvious that that the engine trouble was not resolved and that it would require further maintenance. This issue is forcing the Steve to reduce speed and head north of cape naturalist to seek shelter from the strong winds and swell. This is bad news for the Steve and its crew who already had to come back to port early to escort the damaged Brigitte Bardot but they are trying to remain positive and hoping that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.“

Source: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on facebook