Sea Shepherd wird die japanische Walfangflotte bis Ende März verfolgen

Seit sechzig Tagen verfolgt die Sea Shepherd Conservation Society die japanische Walfangflotte. Dabei hat die Steve Irvin 13.000 und die Bob Barker 14.500 Seemeilen zurückgelegt.

Es bleiben noch weitere fünfzig mögliche Tage in dieser Walfangsaison.

Die Sea Shepherd Crew beabsichtigt, die Walfangflotte weiterhin bis zum Ende der Saison zu verfolgen, was irgendwann zwischen dem 15. und 25 März sein wird. …


Activists to steam on in marathon whaling pursuit

The marathon Antarctic whaling pursuit is set to run into next month, with Sea Shepherd activists replenishing fuel to keep up their chase of the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru.

Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson said today the group’s long-range vessel Bob Barker had used some of its own fuel to top up the Steve Irwin, which now had enough to stay at sea into next month.

The Bob Barker will leave the pursuit to take on more fuel from an undisclosed location, Mr Watson said.

Both Sea Shepherd vessels are being tailed by Japanese vessels – the harpoon ship Yushin Maru No.3 following the Steve Irwin, and the security ship Shonan Maru No.2 behind the Bob Barker.

Mr Watson said he believed the group had been able to disrupt the refuelling of the Nisshin Maru by the resupply ship Sun Laurel.

He said that the Sun Laurel and the Nisshin Maru were both fuelled with bunker C heavy fuel oil – outlawed south of 60 degrees south last year by the International Maritime Organisation.

However Glenn Inwood, a spokesman for the Institute of Cetacean Research, said recently: „The Nisshin Maru does not use heavy fuel oil during the JARPA II research programme. This is a statement of fact.“

Japan has not yet revealed numbers of how many whales have been caught.