Quelle von Text und Film:
STV, 25. Februar 2011

Die Foto-Ausstellung ‘Into the Deep’ wurde letzten Freitag eröffnet und ist Teil des Edinburgh International Science Festival, St. Andrew Square, bis zum 1. Mai 2011.
Mit dieser Ausstellung sollen nicht nur aussergewöhnliche Fotos der besten Fotografen der Welt gezeigt, sondern auch über die Meere informiert werden. Denn die Meeresbewohner sind wichtig für das Überleben unseres Planeten.

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Source of text and film:
STV, 25 February 2011

An outdoor exhibition has opened showcasing stunning pictures of underwater creatures.

‘Into the Deep’ opened on Friday as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Put together by wildlife photographer Steve Bloom and his wife Kathy, it features giant photographs of sharks, fish and other sealife by some of the world’s leading underwater photographers. …

At the launch, Kathy Bloom told STV that she hoped the photographs would not only entertain people but also educate. She said: I’m hoping that the public will realise how beautiful these creatures are and how important they are to the survival of the planet.

“I hope they will think twice before throwing plastic bags into the sea or just generally increasing the carbon levels because global warming will definitely affect all these creatures just as much as the creatures of the land.”

‘Into the Deep’ is in St Andrew Square and runs until May 1. Open between 8am and 6pm, entry is free.