Die Demonstrationen gegen BP laufen in Europa und anderswo, dabei gibt es die bekannten Bilder tödlich verölter Tiere, aber im Golf von Mexiko gibt es offenichtlich aktuell ein anderes Problem: Man sucht das Öl, um es beseitigen zu können. Das warme Wasser, Lösungsmittel, viel Sonne, Mikroben, Wind und Wellen haben offensichtlich zumindest die an der Oberfläche find- und durch Hilfskräfte beseitigbaren Ölmengen aufgebrochen und deutlich reduziert. Was in der Tiefe des Golf ist … Fragezeichen

… It is becoming a very elusive bunch of oil for us to find,“ said National Incident Cmdr. Thad Allen.

Skimmers Pick Up Less Oil

The numbers don’t lie: two weeks ago, skimmers picked up about 25,000 barrels of oily water. Last Thursday, they gathered just 200 barrels.

Still, it doesn’t mean that all the oil that gushed for weeks is gone. Thousands of small oil patches remain below the surface, but experts say an astonishing amount has disappeared, reabsorbed into the environment.

„[It’s] mother nature doing her job,“ said Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University.

The light crude began to deteriorate the moment it escaped at high pressure, and then it was zapped with dispersants to speed the process along. The oil that did make it to the ocean’s surface was broken up by 88-degree water, baked by 100-degree sun, eaten by microbes, and whipped apart by wind and waves.

Experts stress that even though there’s less and less oil as time goes on, there’s still plenty around the spill site. And in the long term, no one knows what the impact of those hundreds of millions of gallons will be, deep in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Quelle: „BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Crude in the Gulf“ in abc WORLD NEWS