Exhibition “Our Blue Planet”: yesterday – today – tomorrow”

The Zoological Museum Hamburg is showing from the 22nd of May a special exhibition “Our Blue Planet”: yesterday – today- tomorrow” corresponding with the new publication of the “Ocean Handbook” from the marine conservation organization DEEPWAVE e.V. with original illustrations from the artist Anna Mandel.

Duration : 22nd of May until the 30th September 2014.

Exhibition opening will be on Wednesday the 21st of May 2014, at 6.30 pm

The Zoological Museum of the University of Hamburg
Martin-Luther-King-Platz 3
D-20146 Hamburg
Tel: + 49 (0)40 42838 22726

Hamburg, the 5th of May 2014 – Our earth „The Blue Planet“ is covered to an extent of around 70 percent with the water of the seas. Far too many people are unaware of this fact and that we have a lot to thank the seas of our world. For example we do not know how richly varied the oceans of yesteryear were, how they are threatened today, and how they could be again tomorrow.

The newly published Ocean Handbook “Our Blue Planet”, by DEEPWAVE e.V. sponsored by contributions from the funds of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB ) and the environmental protection agency (UBA), shows on the one hand the fascination of the seas, and on the other gives us information on workable pro-jects in answer to current threats. The 36 paged brochure is also full of life from the detailed and scientifically based illustrations of the Hamburger artist Anna Mandel.

“As the illustrator of “The Ocean Handbook” for schoolchildren, I am aware with every drawing I make, of the responsibility to show these problems and workable solutions in solving them in a viewable and sensitive way. The main thing here is to put the message across, to change our view of the sea’s , to understand our planet as a “blue” one, and to put in practice newly ac-quired knowledge in order to improve matters, which we still can do “ says the illustrator and artist Anna Mandel.

From the example of certain ecological systems ie: (the North sea, the deep seas, tropical seas and the arctic oceans) the living worlds of yesterday, today and tomorrow, are presented in detail. An example is the dune coastline of the German north sea coast, in former times ie: 150 years ago there were rich fish swarms to be seen, coupled with countless whales, whereas today increasing human use (gravel extraction, shipping, tourism and the fishing industry), strongly threatens the variety of species. More protected areas for infant fish and rare animals would be a solution for tomorrow. In the Tropical seas which are even more threatened by pollution, their protection is concentrated with the protection of mangroves and corals as a priority. For the deep seas with their fascinating life-forms we should look to establishing world-wide rules and large protected areas.

The course written texts of the handbook should primarily bring children the diverse world of the living space closer and cause a rethink for the following generations.

In the exhibition, 13 large-format, handmade original drawings are shown and objects, inter alia, from the deep sea will be displayed.

At the opening on 21 May, at 18.30 clock, Dr. Jakob Hallermann from the Zoological Museum, Dr. Onno Groß, founder and first chairman of DEEPWAVE and illustrator Anna Mandel will be present. You are cordially invited to the opening.

The exhibition will be on view from May 22 to September 30, 2014.

The Ocean Handbook “Our Blue Planet: yesterday – today – tomorrow“ is available free of charge via the DEEPWAVE for a donation for postage costs.

Further press material (posters, postcards) and high-resolution images will be send on request.


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Illustrator Anna Mandel

Zoological Museum Hamburg


The nonprofit organization DEEPWAVE advocates at national and international level for the interests of the oceans and their vulnerable creatures.

Funding reference:
This project was from the proceeds of the 10th commemorative stamp „for the environment“ for Promoted on „marine protection“ by the BMUB and UBA. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.