Source: 18 July 2011

European seas face catastrophe if industrial fishing boats continue plundering and obliterating fish stocks. We have just 24 hours to call for stronger safeguards before EU decision makers begin closed-door sessions on a new policy.

The EU Fisheries Commissioner is committed to protecting our seas and developing strong new rules, but the industrial fishing lobby is out in full force to protect its outrageous subsidies and profits. Only an urgent and massive public outcry now could prevent the total collapse of future fishing.

The EU public consultation on fishing quotas ends tomorrow — let’s flood it with messages, and urge our decision-makers to take urgent measures to stop industrial ransacking of fish stocks and impose strict, scientifically calculated catch levels. Click below to send an urgent message to save our seas and forward this email to everyone:

88% of Europe’s seas are dangerously overfished, and the current EU fisheries policy is a disaster, allowing countries to catch well over their quotas, discard thousands of tonnes of fish and profit from overfishing. Setting viable fishing quotas is a crucial step to helping stocks recover, but the fishing industry is lobbying hard, even seeking to set its own catch limits instead of accepting sustainable science-based ones.

Experts fear that within 40 years our oceans could be completely fished out. Industrial fishing companies say efforts to limit catches are hostile to fishermen — but on the contrary, only a strong, science-based commitment to resuscitating fish stocks will prevent the total collapse of fishing interests in the coming years. More and many links here……