A youthful Gray Whale was found recently washed up on a shore in West Seattle. The 37-foot mammal had some unusual contents found in its stomach; more than 20 plastic bags, a pair of sweat pants, hand towels, surgical gloves, pieces of plastic, duct tape, and a golf ball.

This is not the first time human-produced debris has been found in the belly of a whale. Although, according to the Cascadia Research Collective (CRC), “this appeared to be a larger quantity than had ever been found previously.”

50 gallons of mostly undigested content was found in the stomach of the whale. The majority of this was algae, but between 1-2% of the stomach content was garbage. Examination of the whale concluded that its death was most likely not caused by the garbage. Regardless, CRC points out, “It did clearly indicate that the whale had been attempting to feed in industrial waters and therefore exposed to debris and contaminants present on the bottom in these areas.”

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