Die 24 in Parengarenga Harbor auf der Nordsinsel Neuseelands gestern in einem Mangrovensumpf gestrandeten Pilotwale sind tot. 14 ware bereits früher verendet, die 10 noch lebenden wurden eingeschläfert, weil sie keinerlei Überlebenschance hatten.

The mammals had been there for some time and the 10 survivors were in poor shape, said Department of Conservation area manager Jonathan Maxwell.

With worsening weather and a high tide more than eight hours away, “the chance of successfully refloating the whales was virtually nil,” Maxwell said.

“Sadly, the current conditions were against these animals. The kindest thing was to end their suffering,” he said. “If we felt there was a real chance we could have successfully rescued them, we would have.”

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The department was alerted to the whales by members of the public and it was initially thought there were up to 40 stranded.

The whales were spread over an area of about 150 metres and in rocks, mud and in between mangroves.

Maxwell said given the number of dead – 24 in total – it was likely the whales would have stranded yesterday, meaning they had been trapped in shallow water and mud for some time.

„High tide isn’t until 11pm tonight, and we have deteriorating weather conditions around the coast. This meant the chance of successfully refloating the whales was virtually nil,“ he said.

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